The Ground Up

Winter 2017

Ballantry Homes - Oak Park

Cameron Stephens is proud to announce our latest DealTalk video — Oak Park by Ballantry Homes.

The Neighbourhoods of Oak Park in Oakville was developed by Ballantry Homes and consists of a 108-unit condo as well 212 three-storey townhomes. Oak Park provides a perfect combination of traditional and modern exteriors. See how Cameron Stephens was able to help Ballantry Homes bring this project to life.

The Year In Review

By Steve Cameron

As we reflect on 2017 (Year 14 for us at Cameron Stephens!), we have a lot to be thankful for. It’s been another successful year for our office and our staff, and we continue to be blessed with the opportunity to work in a thriving industry.

Despite the imperfections of our political leaders, the unrest with our neighbours to the south, and global threats that seem out of control, I think everyone here feels fortunate to live and operate in some of the best cities and in the best country on the planet.

Like all companies, Cameron Stephens is not without its challenges. Still, we continue to grow in a way that always surprises us, and we couldn’t do it without you.

Our investors remain the backbone of our lending capabilities, and we are forever grateful for their diligent, ethical, and hard-working attitude as they support our business. We strive to provide a risk-adjusted return to our respective investors.

Our borrowers, more than 100 to date, are a group of entrepreneurs whom we believe are the best of the best, in any industry, anywhere in the world. Their drive, creativity, and relentless pursuit for better development (and density) always impress us.

One of Cameron Stephens’ core values is to create win-win scenarios. That’s an aim shared by all of the builders and developers who work with us. How can we, as an industry, create a win-win for our communities, government, neighbours, financial partners, trades, and everyone affected by the demands of ever-growing and sprawling cities? It’s not easy, but together I think we’re on the right path.

With all that said, we want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, and the best of the season. We will leave you with a few highlights from 2017, a successful year in review, thanks to you!

  • Our assets under management reached the $1-billion milestone this year, and plans to keep growing are already underway.
  • As of November 30 2017, we had funded $445 million in new loans, and we expect another $100 million in funding in December.
  • We are currently holding over 120 loans on our books, with over 100 different borrowing clients.
  • Our mortgage investment corporation is entering its fourth year; however, the push to raise capital has just started in Q4 of 2017. Invested capital has increased well over 100% year-over-year, and the client base is quickly growing. This fall, Cameron Stephens Securities (our exempt market dealer) produced an Offering Memorandum (OM). Our goal for the new year, and going forward, is to raise capital on a quarterly basis from accredited investors.
  • Corporately, CSMC donated/sponsored 16 events in 2017, with total funds raised of $140,000.
  • We continue to expand our base of institutional investors, adding four significant new partners in 2017. Total managed capital for institutional investments is just over $800 million.
  • The private capital under management increased in 2017, going to $250 million from $150 million at this time last year.
  • Our presence in western Canada is growing, with over $100 million of new business in Alberta and British Columbia this year.
  • We continue to invest in technology and have significant plans to increase this investment – we believe this is the future of our industry and intend to be leaders in this area.
  • Our people are our most important asset, and we believe our current team is the best ever. We’re very excited about what we can accomplish with this group heading into 2018!

Thanks once again to everyone who supports our business – whether it’s been for one year or 14 years – we would not be here without you. We look forward to working with you in 2018!

Best of the season to all,

The Management team of Cameron Stephens Mortgage Capital

The Management Team

The Santa Shuffle 2017

The team at Cameron Stephens set a NEW fundraising record of over $25,000, and two of our team members were the top Santa Shuffle fundraisers in the entire country!

Santa Shuffle

On December 2, 2017, Cameron Stephens was once again a proud sponsor and participant at this year’s Santa Shuffle Race in support of The Salvation Army Gateway. This year's donation will make a huge difference in the Gateway's drop-in program. Our attendance and support have played an important role in their fundraising success. A big thank you goes to our generous sponsors for their thoughtfulness. Their donation is truly making a difference in the lives of so many.

Recently Funded Projects

Whitby - $9.25 M
Richmond Hill - $5.5 M
London - $26.5 M
Waterdown - $30.82 M
Vaughan - $40 M
Guelph - $17 M
Richmond Hill - 6.35 M
Toronto - 16.64 M