Sound investment growth with solid, stable returns

Cameron Stephens manages the assets of its institutional and private investors to fund client projects. We have a growing base of institutional and private investors supporting our business, and we are actively pursuing opportunities to build new investor relationships to grow our shareholder base. Today, the firm’s portfolio of assets under management is valued at $1 billion with growth to $2 billion expected by 2020.

Our investment objectives are to preserve the equity of our investors and to provide them with consistent growth and stable, reliable returns over the long term. Our investment philosophy is prudent, and we seek to realize returns through the efficient management of our mortgage capital investments.

10 plus years

Founded as a private lender in 2004

In just over a decade, Cameron Stephens has grown from its private lending roots to become a leading Canadian non-bank real estate lender and asset manager for an increasing number of institutional and private clients. Our investment management strategy targets growth by focusing on building diversified asset growth and delivering superior returns for our investors over the long term.

High-quality portfolio focused on growth

Our portfolio of assets under management is currently valued at $1 billion, with projected growth to $2 billion by 2020.